Virtualbox 6.0

  • Hier eine Nachricht zum Thema Virtualbox 6.0 (openSUSE Version).

    Larry Finger, der Maintainer des openSUSE Paketes von Virtualbox, plant, erst auf die Veröffentlichung von Virtualbox 6.0.2 zu warten, um es dann zu veröffentlichen. In Leap 42.3 wird es nicht veröffentlicht.
    Ausserdem sind auch noch einige Änderungen einzufügen.

    Oracle has changed the permissions required to run VirtualBox v6.0.0 and later. With this version, /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox no longer needs to be suid; however, a new executable /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBoxVM does need to be suid.
    Rolling out this change may be difficult in that older versions of VB need the current setup. Is there any way to specify different versions of the permissions package in the build?

    Please be aware that I plan to wait for VB v6.0.2 before pushing the new version. I would expect that change to happen sometime in the next month. Once the new version is rolled out to TW/Factory, I will then introduce it to Leap 15.0. As is customary, Leap 42.3 will not get this update.