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  • Dear Ooen Suse Users

    I am a beginner of suse user (in fact for linux). I have successfully installed open suse latest version (I think 43.....) on a 128 gigabyte pen drive and I boot my win7 PC from it. Open Suse works but it is extremely slow and cannot yet connect to my home wifi line.
    I have the idea that I can make suse faster by removing a number of programs (applications) that I do not need. How can I uninstall them? So, how to connect to my wifi network.

    Best wishes


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  • Please show from Terminal:

    lsb-release -id


    /sbin/lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net

    But this is a German opensuse forum, maybe better ask also here:
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    Thats the official openSUSE Forum.